cljs-webapp - A leiningen template for ClojureScript webapps

Starting out with ClojureScript, I realized that writing the cljsbuild boilerplate in project.clj and setting up the directory structure all over again is in no way fun. Knowing about leiningen templates, I figured there has to be a CLJS one.

Turns out there are a few. However, all CLJS templates that I found come bundled with a server set up as well. I wanted something simple that I could use for writing client side webapps, which is why I wrote cljs-webapp.

If this sounds useful to you, all you have to do to use it is:

lein new cljs-webapp PROJECT-NAME
lein cljsbuild auto dev
# open resources/public/index.html in the browser

It comes set up with two cljsbuild configurations, one for development and one for production (they differ in optimization level). Also, there's a simple index.html file that includes the generated JS file.

Happy hacking!

Later edit: just found out that David Nolen did a similar template just a few days ago.

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