Switching browser tabs by number in Windows

I always loved the Linux/OS X shortcut that allows you to go to any tab between 1 and 8 by using ALT + number (or CMD + number). However, I couldn't get it to work on Windows. Recently, out of pure luck, I stumbled across the working key combination - you just have to use CTRL instead!

So, next time you're browsing the Web on a Windows box, go ahead and switch between tabs using CTRL + number!

P.S.: 9 refers to the last tab. And if you really use tabs and find yourself having lots of them open all the time, I suggest you try out Tree Style Tab for Firefox.

Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur

Building @Hootsuite Analytics. Interested in Open Source, programming languages and the Open Web. Big fan of basketball and photography. Tweet @mihneadb.

Bucharest, Romania

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